Numerous efforts have been made from women tennis players to create an environment where both sexes feel respected and equal. Ever since tennis became a professional sport, female players have been fighting for equal rights, equal media coverage and equal pay. Many steps have been made over the centuries in order to achieve all of the above but the fight is not yet over.

In most sports men are leading the stats but in tennis women have started being the dominant ones. The last US Open women’s final scored higher TV ratings than the men’s final. New stats show that women, in 2015, have increased their TV and digital audience for 22.5% compared to the previous year. This year, 2016, the numbers have been increased even more.

Chairman and CEO of the WTA (Women’s Tennis Association), Stacey Allasterin an interview with CNBC said: “All the credit goes to the athletes and the tournament investors. Social media is a massive gift to the WTA. Over 100 million fans worldwide are engaged on social media platforms.”

Women tennis players already earn more money than ever before. Not only by the tennis tournaments but also from endorsements and TV face time. And they are the highest paid women athletes from all sports. Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams have multiple of endorsements and sponsors and they are actually the only two women – not only of tennis but of every sport – featured on the Forbes 100 Highest Paid Athletes list. Thus, there is no doubt that women’s tennis is the #1 women’s sport in the world.

Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams – Google Images

Stacey Allaster also said that the WTA expects to grow even more in the years to come, as it recently signed 10-year deal of $525 million with the goal to produce 2,000 televised matches starting in 2017. At least 50% of those matches will also be produced and distributed for digital platforms.

Women’s tennis is dominating the sports world right now. I believe that in the near future it will surpass the men’s and become one of the leading sports worldwide. If only the media will help promote women’s tennis and provide them with equal TV coverage and every single tournament provided equal pay. Women’s tennis is the one to watch. Trust me female tennis players will top the male ones and take the center stage!